Everyone wants to have confidence that their loved ones will be cared for and provided for after they’re gone. Planning your estate is the best way to ensure your final wishes are followed. Whether you need help writing a Will, granting power of attorney, or probating a Will, the estate planning attorneys at Kroscher & Kroscher, P.C. are here to make the process easy to understand and execute.

If you’re looking for a team of professionals with an eye for detail, an in-depth understanding of the law, and an intimate understanding of your individual preferences, contact Kroscher & Kroscher, P.C. We make it our business to build a relationship with you so that we can fully understand your particular needs and desires. We are here to help you meet your goals.

Kroscher & Kroscher, P.C. estate planning services include:

Simple Wills

Many people choose to download Wills online to save money. While less expensive, online Wills run the risk of lacking legal legitimacy in court in Texas. It’s best to work with an estate planning attorney to write your Will.


A Trust allows the transfer of assets to a trustee’s management to distribute to designated beneficiaries. Unlike a Will, Trusts are active while the grantor is alive, rather than only after their passing.

General Power of Attorney

A general power of attorney grants an individual the ability to make decisions regarding your business affairs, financial transactions, property, and the like.

Medical Power of Attorney

If a person becomes incapacitated or unable to make decisions, a medical power of attorney grants someone permission to make medical decisions on your behalf.

Advance Directive

An advance healthcare directive is both a living Will (which describes your wishes regarding the medical care you will or will not receive) and a medical power of attorney (which gives another person the ability to make medical decisions on your behalf).


A guardianship, which is sometimes called a conservatorship, appoints another person as guardian over an individual when that person can no longer make decisions for themselves due to incapacity. If you need help setting up a guardianship, contact Kroscher and Kroscher, P.C.


Probating a Will can be a challenging, tedious, and emotional process. Our probate attorneys in Longview, Texas can help you make it easier and less stressful. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We will explain the process and help you feel confident moving forward.

Contested Probate

Occasionally, a Will’s legitimacy is questioned by members of the family or other interested parties. We can help walk you through the process of contesting a Will to help ensure everyone receives fair treatment and the testator’s wishes are followed.

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